The new way to buy a home

Find a home, visit, make an offer, complete all the paperwork, and close.
From start to finish, its easily done on YELLOW.

Transparency is the key - a home inspection is already independently completed and a price estimate with an explanation is provided. Data on the home’s area is included, giving more insight than any real estate agent ever could.

No agent is needed - the entire process is laid out step-by-step to make it easy. A robust RESOURCES section also provides everything you need to know about the home buying process.

We’re here to help, too, whether you want someone with you the entire process or just have a question - a real, live person is always here to help.



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Get preapproved for a mortgage or verify financing

Find out what you can afford and see those homes.

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On YELLOW, buyers are only able to visit homes near or below their preapproval level, at a threshold set by the seller.

For example, say a seller lists their home for $300,000. They can specify that they only want buyers preapproved for $270,000 or more to visit their home.

It's easy to verify your financing with YELLOW - just upload or send your preapproval document to YELLOW and you're set!

Don't know how to get financing? Check out our RESOURCE page on mortgage preapprovals:

- Get a mortgage preapproval

Other useful info:

- What lenders are looking for
- How much can you afford?

Search for homes

Our search map shows all current listings and details.

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On each listing you’ll see the basics like:
  • Home facts
  • Pictures
  • Description
  • A video tour
Unique to YELLOW, you’ll also see some extra info, like:
  • The estimated realistic monthly payment
  • The estimated amount of cash you’ll need at closing
  • If the home is in a flood zone or historical district
  • Community data and discussion-board links
  • Area demographics
  • Crime data
  • Travel time
  • School ratings
  • Possible new construction or developments in the area

A helpful feature with YELLOW is that each home has already completed an independent inspection to help buyers avoid any surprises and save a lot of money and time.

There's also a price analysis to show how the sale price was determined and an explanation why.

Lastly, you can anonymously send a message directly to the seller for more info.

These are incredibly useful features!

Check out our RESOURCE page for finding a home on YELLOW:

- Find a home

Visit properties

See a home you like? Take a visit.

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If your preapproval level meets the criteria set by the seller, you can schedule a visit.

On each home's page you'll see a "Visit Property" link where you can set an appointment to visit.

Once confirmed, you'll get a one-time passcode for the specified date and time that will open the digital keybox to provide the door key.

Check out our RESOURCE page for visiting a home on YELLOW:

- Visiting a home

Make an offer

Find the right home? Make an offer.

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On each home's page you'll see a "Make an offer" link where you can enter your offer terms - all done online. The sale contracts are completed on legal, downloadable Florida Realtor forms, with helpful explanations along the way.

Be comforted in knowing that 6% of the price you’re paying isn't going to real estate agent fees!

Check out our RESOURCE page for making an offer on YELLOW:

- Making an offer


We'll walk with you through the closing process.

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Your offer was accepted – that's great news! But now things get a little more complicated.

Depending on your source of funding, it could take several weeks before you are able to close and you'll have a lot of work to do in the meantime. We've put together a guide for what to expect in the closing process, which can be found in our RESOURCES section.

Is a real estate agent worth the cost?

We don't think so. Because of their fees, you’re paying 6% more for the home than you should be. That's a lot of money. Unknown to most home shoppers, but it’s the title company that does the legwork of the actual purchase and the mortgage company handles the financing - not the real estate agent.

Read in-depth analysis on this subject and many others in our ARTICLES section.


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