The digital key lockbox allows for safe showings

Your YELLOW Codebox holds your spare door key and allows safe showing visits to your home. The Codebox is property of YELLOW and must be returned when your home is sold or taken off the market. Return postage is provided.

Visitors receive a one-time code to access the key. We will know who was in your home and when.

How it works

  • Your Codebox is delivered with the codes already created.
  • One code opens the shackle to put the box on your door.
  • The other code opens the front panel to put a copy of your home key.
  • Visitors will receive their one-time access code immediately before their scheduled appointment time.
  • You will see your upcoming showing appointments in your homepage.

  • Keeping your key safe

    Codes to open the Codebox expire quickly after their use, making it difficult to take the time to make a replacement key. However, there are some extra steps you can take to stay safe:

    • Consider getting a key marked “Do Not Duplicate.” It offers slightly more security and will not be copied if taken to a chain hardware store. Of course, it's possible they can be copied by an unscrupulous locksmith.
    • A “Restricted Key” provides a higher level of security. These can only be made by specific locksmiths and cannot be copied unless it’s done by an authorized person. The cost is usually between $35-100 for one door.

The box will display a message when the battery starts to get low. Please contact us if this occurs and we can send you a new 9v battery or you can replace it yourself inside the front panel.

If the battery no longer functions, you can externally use a 9v battery to open the front panel. On the bottom of the box, you’ll notice a small opening that can fit a 9v battery. Insert the 9v battery into this compartment and you’ll be prompted to enter your front panel code.

More information on the Codebox can be found from its vendor: CODEBOX

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