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This isn’t a generic, computer-generated report. This is a hand-made analysis done by a certified public appraiser who produces a custom report for your home. It can take up to a day to receive your report due to this fact.

This estimate can serve as a good starting point in pricing your home since we don’t know a lot of information critical to an accurate price, like the amenities and conditions of the inside of your home. Adding recent photos of your home can be helpful.

The price estimate looks at recently sold homes that are similar and near to yours. Adjustments are made to the price based on the differences in features, like if it is in better condition or has nicer amenities or extra features.


One good thing about working with YELLOW is the lack of a real estate agent commission. That means sellers can list their home for 6% less than similar homes around them and walk away with the same amount. That's a way to sell your home fast!

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